Viva Mexico! Three important observations about Mexican Independence Day, September 16th.

As I write this, my family and I are enjoying a beautiful Mexican Independence Day celebration at home, away from any crowded places. With the pandemic still raging on, we continue to take precautions and limit our exposure to others as much as possible. So in light of our reduced ability to go out andContinue reading “Viva Mexico! Three important observations about Mexican Independence Day, September 16th.”

My Top Three Wintertime Woes in León, Guanajuato

Winter in León is nothing short of glorious when one has spent the previous fourteen years living in a freezing cold upper Midwestern state, covered by snow and ice for most of the winter season. Spending several months a year freezing to death was not my idea of paradise. In comparison to that, León ISContinue reading “My Top Three Wintertime Woes in León, Guanajuato”

Happy Winter Solstice and Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction from León, Guanajuato

Today marked the start of our winter vacation from school, a much needed break from homeschooling for us all. We do not return to in-person classes until our state achieves green on the Covid-19 stoplight and, unfortunately, Guanajuato is a long way from green. But today was also special for a different reason. Today isContinue reading “Happy Winter Solstice and Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction from León, Guanajuato”

Festival Internacional de Globos in León, Covid-style

The International Balloon Festival that takes place every November in León, Guanajuato has adapted to the Covid-19 restrictions that are in place within our state. Instead of taking place at Parque Metropolitano where the public could easily access the event, it is taking place at a private country club, El Bosque, in order to limitContinue reading “Festival Internacional de Globos in León, Covid-style”

A Horseback Riding Adventure at the Hacienda La Alegría

If you’re looking for a fun-filled family adventure on a working farm outside of Quito, Ecuador, the Hacienda la Alegria provides horseback riding tours, relaxation, peace, excellent food and accommodations for the duration of your stay.

An Adventure in Quito, Ecuador

After living in León for over a year, we decided to get on a plane and travel to Quito, Ecuador to visit a friend. Our first day in Quito was extremely exciting! Not only are we on a new continent, we are also in the southern hemisphere for the first time. Our kids are thrilledContinue reading “An Adventure in Quito, Ecuador”

Shopping Adventures in Tonala

One of my favorite places to shop in Mexico is Tonala. It is well known for its blown glass and metal sculptures…and for its Sunday market! Tonala is a small suburb on the east side of Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco, approximately a 2-hour drive from Leon. The Sunday market in Tonala is aContinue reading “Shopping Adventures in Tonala”