Retrying a new fruit – dragon fruit/pitahaya

A local farm that we receive weekly deliveries from, Shambhala #shambhalaorganico, just advertised dragon fruit in their weekly list of available products. We have tried dragon fruit that I purchased from the local HEB grocery store, but we didn’t like it. The flesh was white with tiny seeds like kiwi but not very flavorful. WeContinue reading “Retrying a new fruit – dragon fruit/pitahaya”

Adventures in the Mexican Produce Aisles

Shopping in the grocery store in Mexico can be an adventure, involving danger in the places where you least expect it – the produce aisles. There are some really crazy, not to mention dangerous, looking fruits and vegetables in the produce section that keep my children and I entertained as we shop.   We canContinue reading “Adventures in the Mexican Produce Aisles”