Happy Winter Solstice and Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction from León, Guanajuato

Today marked the start of our winter vacation from school, a much needed break from homeschooling for us all. We do not return to in-person classes until our state achieves green on the Covid-19 stoplight and, unfortunately, Guanajuato is a long way from green. But today was also special for a different reason. Today isContinue reading “Happy Winter Solstice and Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction from León, Guanajuato”

Getting Creative with Food and Grocery Shopping in the Time of Covid

The lockdown and quarantine at our home in León, Guanajuato has changed the normal rhythm of our lives since it all started back in mid-March. Thanks to Covid-19, we drastically reduced our interactions with the public, both from a fear of catching the virus and a fear of spreading it to other people. As aContinue reading “Getting Creative with Food and Grocery Shopping in the Time of Covid”

Festival Internacional de Globos in León, Covid-style

The International Balloon Festival that takes place every November in León, Guanajuato has adapted to the Covid-19 restrictions that are in place within our state. Instead of taking place at Parque Metropolitano where the public could easily access the event, it is taking place at a private country club, El Bosque, in order to limitContinue reading “Festival Internacional de Globos in León, Covid-style”

Pandemic Mystery in León, Mexico

Being locked down at home during a pandemic doesn’t mean there is nothing interesting happening around us. When I looked at my front door yesterday, I noticed that there was something dark brown attached to the glass on the other side of the window next to the door. It was big enough that I couldContinue reading “Pandemic Mystery in León, Mexico”